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Slip it in

Slip It In Game

Slip It In Game

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This is not your sit-down-around-the-table game night party game.

Slip It In’s goal, in this heads-down-in-your-phone world, is to force people to actually talk to each other about comical and random topics. The game will create ice-breaking, thought-provoking, flat out funny and even confusing conversations. 

Slip topics range from pop culture to odd observations, from sex to sports, and everything in between. The game comes with 234 Slips that will make you laugh, furrow your brow, or cringe. 


  • Number of players: 4 -12
  • Age:  18+
  • Game Includes:  234 Slips with 1 Slip per card, rules, and 20 scoreboards to keep track of points.
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